Theme 01:
Your Personal Brand Will Make or Break Your Career

Getting promoted, landing the deal, or just breaking through to the next level isn’t just about the results you deliver, how hard you work or how smart you are.  You can do all of those things and still not make it. The needle mover is how people see you - how you show up. It’s about your personal brand. Most people have no idea how people see them.  Do you?

This is one of the biggest things that holds people back.  A personal brand is the means by which people remember you. It’s reflected in how you act, what you do, how you make others feel and how you are perceived. It’s your Linkedin profile, your Instagram presence and your resume.  How would you describe your personal brand? How would others?

In this workshop, we’ll discuss what a personal brand means, how you figure out what yours is, and how to be deliberate about showing up as the person you want to be.  You’ll leave with tangible actions that you can put into place to start to move the needle. This is a career game changer.


March 14, 2019
Studio 125 in Minneapolis

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Meet the Panel

Reginaldo Reyes

Reginaldo Reyes

VP Brand Experience and Environmental Design at Knock


Rooted in over two decades of retail branding and environmental design experiences, Reggie has a deep understanding of how consumers interact with brands and how they make decisions at every touchpoint in their journeys. His involvement through Hallmark Cards, Marshall Fields, and Target, have given him experiences that he can share with many audiences and clients.

He continues his mission of connecting people through art and storytelling with two non-profit board roles, Art Buddies and Theater MU. Creating spaces and connections has fostered a well-rounded approach to his work for many communities.

The Catalyst Circle - Panelist Alexis Walsco

Alexis Walsko

Founder of Lola Red


Alexis is the founder and current Chief Executive Officer & Visionary at Lola Red. She founded the agency at just 22 years old and has since established Lola Red as an award-winning and nationally recognized PR firm. Alexis has received numerous accolades, including as both a “Women in Business” and “40 under 40” award recipient from Biz Journals, “Young Entrepreneur” award from the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), Volunteer of the Year from Smile Network International.

Alexis serves as an advisory board member and visiting instructor for the VANTAGE program that involves high school students in business ventures. She has traveled to Kenya, Haiti, Peru, India, and Mexico as a support team member for medical missions for Smile Network International and Not Time for Poverty.

Frank Crowson - The Catalyst Circle

Frank Crowson

SVP, Head of Marketing at Best Buy


Frank has 19 years of experience as a Retail Merchant and Marketing Executive. He is the former SVP/Head of Marketing at Guitar Center, and spent most of his career at Target in a wide variety of leadership positions across Merchandising and Marketing.

Frank loves to lead people, learn from others, solve complex problems, and work with a focus on the future. He is open-minded and believes that starting with the truth is the best way to solve a problem. He enjoys making people laugh, both because it’s fun and because he believe happy people accomplish great things.

Adina Grigore - The Catalyst Circle

Adina Grigore

Founder of SW Basics


Adina Grigore is the founder and CEO of the 100% natural, 5-ingredients-or-less skincare line S.W. Basics, which she started out of her kitchen in 2008. She is the author of two best-selling holistic skincare books, Skin Cleanse and Just the Essentials, and has been credited for taking natural beauty mainstream. A graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Adina has worked in the wellness industry since 2007 as a nutritionist, personal trainer, and workshop coordinator teaching people about the DIY nature of wellness. S.W. Basics products are now sold internationally and have been featured in Vogue, O Magazine, W Magazine, the New York Times, InStyle, Real Simple, Goop, and Dr. Oz, among others.